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Dew-R-Lite (unfired) - Dewer Mfg. Co.


Justrite 8 hr Superintendent Lamp Model 56A Circa 1930's with 4" reflector - Justrite Mfg. Co.


Justrite model #95 nickel plated Superintendent Lamp circa 1931-32. Wire feed, 16 bumps for the water lever to ride over, roundringed water door, 2.5" (deep style) reflector. This same type lamp can be found in "The Miner's Flame Light" book
 by Pohs, on page 450 - Justrite Mfg. Co.
Acme Hand Lamp Model #56 A Metal Miner Lamp Manufactured by Justrite Mfg. Co. Circa 1920's

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