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Frieman and Wolf carbide hand lamp Circa 1920 - Frieman and Wolf G.M.B.H. Zwickaui, Sa (Germany).
An example of this lamp can be found on Page 590 in the "Miner's Flame Light Book" by H. Pohs


This is a 5" Wolf Hand Lamp Possibly a Model No. 856, circa 1920's. This lamp is missing it's original reflector. A previous owner (miner) did modify the tip to make the flame direction more straight out instead of up as originally intended.
Manufactured by the Wolf Safety Lamp Co. of America New York U.S.A.


Unfired Dewer ITP 8 hour hand lamp with hook & bail. This lamp has the original disk style float feed (not the latter spring style) -
Dewer Mfg. Co

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