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Miners Cap for Carbide Lamps


Premier extra carbide bottoms.  The one on the right blew up in my cave pack during a trip underground.  Note to self:  Spent carbide apparently may not all be spent...


A chunk of coal that was formed into a miner's helmet with a carbide lamp.  A gift from a fellow caver back around 1993.


A chunk of coal made into the image of the classic AutoLite Carbide Caplamp with the wide spade mount.
This is a statue titled "The Coal Miner" and from the date on the back was made in 1965. It is made of coal & shows an old coal miner with a carbide lamp on his MSA cap, a chaw of tobacco in his mouth and his lunch bucket by his feet. A great find back on a dusty old shelf at an old antiques barn. I believe a copy of this statue is shown in Poh's Flamelight book.

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